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Watching my kids relate to each other fascinates me. Especially our oldest two. This earliest of bonds, this self-contained social world. I know it won’t always stay like this, but I’ll miss their cosy, uninhibited companionship when E and W grow up. I wrote a little something about their relationship below to help me remember

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When surprises aren’t good

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I used to think I liked surprises until one day I was out at night and there was a phone call. And in an instant everything changed. What I knew to be true before was true no more. It took maybe ten years for my mind and heart to catch up. For a while, phonecalls at unexpected times

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How does one leave one’s home (church)?

Just one more Sunday… This coming Sunday is our family’s final Sunday at the church we have been a part of for five years. One more Sunday of bundling kids and various-kid-related-ephemera into the car and driving nearly an hour across Sydney in an effort to make the 10:30am start of service. One more Sunday of arriving in

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